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Positioned to be the largest healthcare network in Canada, also operates the following 3 national services;

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Healthcare Staff can now request all preferred locations to work.

The Staff Bank is operated by, part of the 'Heart of Canada' services. We operate national help services where healthcare professionals can be hired, helped or rewarded.



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StaffBank operates a Low Cost Economy as aligned by  This allows us to fully streamline our services with dedicated, skilled staff watching for your communications.

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National Help Services

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Upload your resume & ideal job details to StaffBank. We will contact you when your ideal job is available.

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Live Discussions (all staff):

At 'you are watched' interacting in Real World Help situations from the Public and your Colleagues.

Private Help (leading companies):

Only approved companies can receive suitable private referrals, in line with their services.


Staffbank is a wholly owned subsidiary of


We provide healthcare staff to companies and organizations across Canada, without a fee.  Staffbank is the ONLY staffing solutions recruitment provider that operates without a fee to qualified clients.


If you are a healthcare professional, register your details with Staffbank and specify your ideal work environment.


If you are looking to hire a new healthcare professional, place your job ad on and contact us with your ad ID number for free assistance from a qualified recruitment specialist.


Employers: When you submit a new job requirement to Staffbank, a specialist will contact you to confirm the details and provide suitable retained candidates.


Candidates: Easily register your resume and ideal wage, locations, and job preferences. Your employment details are ONLY provided to an employer with your prior approval of the position and confirmation of suitability.

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Contingency: We work with client companies to find suitable candidates by matching a candidate’s qualifications and skills with the company’s requirements. Once the criteria matches, a short interview is conducted followed by a reference or background check.


Retained Search & Headhunting: A retained search or head hunting requirement instructs Staffbank recruiters to actively find candidates to meet the criteria of the client company.  There is no retainer fee or placement fee, although donations may be made to Staffbank to enhanse services (the heart of Canada project)

Staffbank recruitment services:

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All Healthcare companies & organizations

All Registered Healthcare staff